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What the Junk?

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Jubie’s first official month in a nutshell….

24 days. Sadly, yes, we are still closed on Mondays.

44 incredible employees. Without them, we would not be open.

21,373 scoops of the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted.

Enough caffeine to fill the Pacific. We’re not kidding.

Jubie's employees

These past four weeks have been nothing short of crazy as we opened our doors to something that has proven to be larger than even our wildest dreams. And it’s all thanks to all of YOU. You’re the reason we wake up every day, put on our Jubie’s hat, and stay up until the early hours of the next morning. You’re the reason we sold out of every flavor by day 2. You’re what keeps us thinking and improving because (and we’ll admit it too), we’re not your typical ice cream shop.

If you’ve been in the creamery, then you already know that we offer a TON of options. That’s because we want to be your one-stop shop for all of your frozen dessert cravings. Whether you’re into hand pack or soft serve, staple flavors or more unique finds, creating something of your very own or choosing from some of our favorites—we have it all. We even have junk.

Junk from the Trunk Menu Board

Okay seriously, what is the Junk from the Trunk? If you didn’t already know, all of our hand packed ice cream is made in-house one small batch at a time. This means that every flavor you try, agonize over, and then eventually stick in a waffle cone and devour was most likely made the night before. It also means that we have free reign to make any flavor we can possibly imagine. We wanted to dedicate 4 of our 32 flavors to being whatever peaked our interest. They could be flavors we’ve always dreamed of making, ones we wanted to bring back to life, or obscure ones we couldn’t help but try. After 2 short weeks, one junk will be taken from the trunk, and another more delicious junk will take its place. It’s survival of the ice cream fittest at its finest.

So, what are our featured junk flavors now? Allow me to properly introduce you.

Almond Joy

Almond Joy: The avid Jubie’s blog reader should already be well versed with our trip down to Florida where we met Steve Thompson, president of Emery Thompson Machine, and Tie Dye Jeff. During the seminar, Tie Dye Jeff offered a book of his most popular recipes – one of those being for an Almond Joy flavored ice cream. To be completely honest, we didn’t believe it would be that good. Being the die-hard chocolate family that we are, we had always thought coconut lovers were few and far between. After one test batch, we were proven incredibly wrong. What resulted was a flavor that tasted exactly like and Almond Joy, and that everyone (even chocolate lovers) raved about.

Grandma's Oatmeal Cookie

Grandma’s Oatmeal Cookie: Everyone claims that their grandma bakes the best cookies, cakes, pies, etc. I’m not sure about the rest of it, but no one makes oatmeal cookies like our grandma does. We grew up eating the dough by the spoonful until enough cookies were made that we could “fairly” fight over them. When we started laying out our grand opening menu we knew right away that one of the flavors had to feature her secret recipe. We popped some in the oven and threw a couple into our vanilla ice cream. Once we realized that we couldn’t put it down until we had eaten the whole batch, we knew we found a winner.

Bug's Favorite

Bugs’ Favorite: If you guessed that Bug’s Favorite was based off a longstanding childhood tradition of watching Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd every Saturday morning… you are way off. Contrary to popular belief, the connection to Looney Toons starts and ends with the name. In actuality, the idea was born when the oldest Domicone child asked for a homemade carrot cake for his birthday last year (and every other year before that). This flavor creation is one of the few that was 100% made up without an official recipe. With its cinnamon base and real pieces of carrot cake, it has turned into one of our most talked about flavors!

Creamsicle: This one was a challenge for our flavor creator, but that’s exactly why we wanted to try it. Being as it consists of two different types of frozen desserts, it took a little extra thought as well as some trial and error before we knew we had perfected it. This old-timey classic pairs orange sorbet perfectly with vanilla ice cream bringing back memories of a time when a melting popsicle was your biggest concern. It has become a sweet treat for everyone to enjoy.

So, what’s next? We’ve spent the past few weeks watching and listening to what our fans have been asking for. We’ve heard your suggestions and have taken note to any of your own personal creations that sounded too good to pass up. For this next junk flavor, we are saying goodbye to one classic and replacing it with another. Out with Creamsicle and in with… TURTLE CUSTARD.

Turtle Custard

We’ve heard nothing but good reviews about our soft custard, so we decided to try it out in the ice cream machine to see what it would be like. It did not disappoint. Turtle custard starts off with a base of our ever-creamy chocolate soft custard ice cream. It is then ribboned with rich caramel sauce, and sprinkled with pecan pieces creating the perfect frozen replica of your favorite turtle candy. Don’t be embarrassed. We’re drooling too.


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